Friday, 31 July 2009

Fun Day

Well I've been a busy bee today at a workshop for my friend Izzy's little craft group. As usual we ran well over time but that is probably due to the amount of chatting, drinking tea and eating biscuits that was going on LOL. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and I heard a few saying that they hoped to come back again so that it good.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Help I'm a Complete Technophobe

I've spent a good part of today trying to upload some stuff to make my little blog more interesting and I'm afraid I haven't made much head way with it. When I read instructions on how to do these things it might as well be written in Greek LOL. My BF Val knows that I don't do instructions I'm more of a get right in there and do it kinda gal. Since I know nothing about blogging and uploading images I am defintely struggling here. However, tomorrow is another day and I'll maybe try again when I'm not so tired.

Till tomorrow.

Fee x

Snot a Problem Now

Yippee my snot gun has arrived! Or to be more accurate my ATG Dispenser and 10 refills. I can't believe it as I only ordered it yesterday lunchtime (when I was at Kerry's) and it arrived on my doorstep at 10am this morning. That's what I call fantastic service. I decided I needed to get one of these cos it is so much quicker than peeling off double sided tape and especially useful when you need to do large batches of cards etc for Christmas. I just need to find out how to load it up and I'm all set. Off now to practice .......
Fee x

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Yukky Weather

Well today the weather was absolutely miserable and at some times the rain was coming down so hard it was literally bouncing off the pavements. Not that it mattered much as I spent most of the day with my friend Kerry and we crafted and chatted ................. and ate paninis and pancakes (not at the same time though). Well you gotta have some sugar when you are being creative LOL.

Today was our monthly meet up to play and exchange some crafty ideas. Kerry's project was a fantastic notelet set with the dinkiest little silver strawberry charm. It was beautiful and I love it. My project was my Tea for Two box which could be given as a nice little gift to a friend or a neighbour. I will be submitting this project to Scor-pal for their E-zine so I won't post the details just yet. I'm working on another box this time using fruit teas this time and I do hope that Scor-pal like it enough to include it in their next E-zine.

Thanks Kerry for a great day and the lunch was fab as usual!

Fee x

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Busy Day

Well I've been a busy bee today and have done a huge amount of housework (which was well overdue). Laura has her friend Lauren sleeping over tonight so I've been making popcorn (when they were watching movies) and I've just finished making them hot chocolate and cream with a liberal sprinkling of mini buttons on top for their supper. The hot choccie was fab as usual and I won't even think about the amount of calories each mug contained LOL.
Yesterday I took both girls shopping and we had a nice day roaming around Braehead and Silverburn Shopping Centres. I managed to get most of Laura's school uniform too which is good. We rounded off the day with a visit to Pizza Hut.

On Tuesday I had lunch with my friend Sandra who works for O2. She very kindly allowed me to use her friends and family allowance and I am now the proud owner of a new blackberry. I also got DH an I phone and he is happily playing away with his latest gadget. Unfortunately I haven't worked out how to work mine yet and as I am technologically challenged at the best of times it may take a while.

On the crafty side of things I finished my project that I'll be taking to my BF Kerry next week. I love it and I hope she will too. Unfortunately I can't post a photo until after Tuesday because she has been known to lurk on this blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise.
Fee x

Thursday, 9 July 2009

A Bit Cooler

Yesssssss - today is a bit cooler and I am thankful for it. I really needed it to cool down a bit for me as I have been struggling to sleep. Our latest addiction (Laura and I) is Bingo at the local hotel. Laura won 10 Euros the other night and we are off again tonight for another try LOL.

Fee x

Monday, 6 July 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

Well I made it off the sun lounger but only just. It´s very hot here and much too hot for someone who is as fair skinned as me (I just fry) and at the moment I´m sporting a burnt neck LOL. Laura has been having great fun in the pool and she loves it when they bring out the magic carpet and the children try to run across it to the other side of the pool without falling in or sinking. It´s really funny to watch, the little light ones can run over now problem but the taller and heavier ones begin to sink if they don´t move quickly. I´ll post some pictures when I get back. Oh and just to clarify there is no way I would even go near it. Off now for a long cool drink.

Fee x

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Missing in Action?

Yes I´ve been offline for a couple of days cos I´m on my holidays in sunny Majorca. It is really great to do absolutely nothing and this makes a huge change for me cos I´m always running around like a nutcase. Anyway I´m just going to chill for a while and recharge the batteries. I´ll post again if and when I manage to get off my sun lounger LOL.

Fee x