Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Poor Jim

After an endless round of Doctors, hospitals and specialists we are no nearer to finding a solution to Jim's illness. He did seem to be making some progress in the latter part of last year but has steadily got worse again. The pain in his leg is causing him real problems with walking and standing and he is still having severe headaches on a daily basis. No one really seems to know what has happened to him or how to solve it and he is quite frustrated with everything. He is desperate to get back to work but he is just not fit enough.

At the weekend, I popped into 02 to change my phone. I am now the proud owner of a Blackberry Torch which is a bit fancier than my old Blackberry. Let's hope that I can find out how to work it.

Tonight Laura and I "performed" at a concert with our Signing group (Signs & Wonders). I'm sure I must be the "wonder" bit of the group as I'm sure people must be "wondering" what that old woman is doing up on stage trying to do sign language to music lol :) I'm learning as we go along but it is much more difficult than it looks. The group had eight songs to perform but I was only involved in five and that was more than enough to concentrate on. When the younger girls do it, it is sooooo beautiful to watch. Anyway I don't care what anyone may think, I enjoy it and Laura and I have a laugh about her daft mothers mistakes. I am so past being worried about what people think anyway that I really don't care.

I had actually double booked myself tonight as I had also arranged to go to the cinema with my friends Cathy and Agnieska. We had planned to see The King's Speech but I had to pull out when I remembered I had something else on (call it a senior moment) however, I'm hoping to go later this week with another friend.

Later peeps.
Fee x

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  1. So glad to see you blogging (though how you find the time I just don't know!).
    Poor Jim - how frustrating for him and awful to be in so much pain.
    Keep up the good work with the signing - it's good for both Laura and yourself to have that shared experience and no doubt she enjoys any mistakes you make. See you Saturday.